Lord Egerton Castle

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Lord Egerton Castle 1 Days 0 Nights

The marvel of architecture was constructed in the 1930s by Lord Maurice Egerton of Tatton. In the 1920s, Lord Egerton immigrated to Kenya and settled in the Nakuru district, alongside other royals like Lord Delamere. Later, in an effort to impress the Austrian princess he was going to wed, he built a four-room cottage. The young lady, however, was unimpressed and left after spending only two hours there. As a result, Egerton decided to construct a bigger home, and in 1938 he started laying the foundation for the 52-room castle.

The lady left for England in 1954, refusing to get married to him, because the gorgeous property still did not fit her status. For the complete account of Egerton's anguish and destruction, visit this beautiful website

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